Best Electric Citrus Juicers For The Money – 2020 Reviews

Do you have a little trouble getting up in the morning and would like to enjoy a tasty and healthy pick-me-up? 

Orange juice seems suitable. Vitamins in citrus fruits are a real source of well-being that should not be overlooked. This is why an electric citrus juicer can serve you.

These devices make it possible to recover the juice of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits without having to provide any effort. You can then drink it, use it to bake tasty pastries or even prepare refreshing summer cocktails.

There is a very wide offer, which does not facilitate decision making. To help you see more clearly, we analyzed and then compared 19 models over 27 hours and carefully scrutinized 821 customer reviews. We present here seven interesting references as well as a guide to choosing the best electric juicer

1. Cuisinart CCJ500 Pulp Control Electric Citrus Juicer

No. 1
1. Cuisinart CCJ500 Pulp Control Electric Citrus Juicer
9.8/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Pulp level adjustable by simply turning the cone of the press. 
  • Recover the remaining juice by pressing the cover against the press. 
  • Automatic reversal of rotation to extract maximum juice. 
  • Removable parts dishwasher safe, low maintenance. 
  • Solid, quiet and easy to store, with a retractable cord. 
  • Type: service by the glass. 
  • Dimensions : 14.6 * 16.2 * 27.3cm / 5.75 * 6.4 * 10.75in.
  • Warranty: Limited, 3 years.

Are you looking for an electric citrus juicer to make your life easier, and your main requirement is to enjoy an easy-to-use device? In our opinion, CCJ-500C is best suited to meet your requirements. It is also a product with solid and modern construction.

As a general rule, we try to present to you in our 1st choice a product with the best quality / price ratio possible. We’re making a small twist here, because the Cuisinart CCJ-500C is a little more expensive than the market average, but the few extra dollars invested quickly pay off to us.

First of all, you enjoy a brushed stainless steel unit that is as elegant as it is discreet, for which it is quite easy to find a suitable location in a modern kitchen. The metallic design also results in superior strength, and you get a three-year limited warranty. But, what we like most about this product is its handling.

Nothing could be more intuitive: to squeeze, simply place a container under the spout, then press the press with the fruit from which you want to extract the juice. You have the possibility of adjusting the desired pulp level (low, medium or high) beforehand by turning the cone. 

The Cuisinart CCJ-500C is extremely efficient, it extracts maximum juice. This is due to two ingenious design details. In fact, the direction of rotation is automatically reversed when you release the pressure and then press again, which favors a complete extraction, while, to waste nothing, you can recover the remains by pressing the press using of the cover.

The removable parts are easy to clean, just rinse them, and if you have a dishwasher, they are compatible. Finally, the device takes up little space, is quieter than average and is equipped with a retractable cord (by pushing on it). If we had a complaint, we noted that some people have a harder time squeezing berries (limes or lemons) as the unit moves a bit. This can be embarrassing if, for example, you have arthritis.

If you plan to have regular use of your electric juicer, and you are looking for a low-intrusive, resistant and efficient device, the Cuisinart CCJ-500C seems to be the best solution available to you. Its intuitiveness makes it suitable for almost all user profiles.

2. Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Electric Juicer

No. 2
2. Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Electric Juicer
9.6/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Handle operation to collect all the citrus juice. 
  • Anti-drip design, to preserve your countertop and avoid waste. 
  • The magnetic dome is easy to remove and replace. 
  • Dishwasher-safe filter, dome, cone and juice collector. 
  • Ultra-rugged design, Tritan cone, tough and BPA free. 
  • 110 watts / 110-120 V . 
  • Type: with handle. 
  • Dimensions : 20.3 * 32.5 * 45.7cm / 8 * 12.8 * 18in.

Do you have an obsession with waste, and you want to exploit the full potential of your carefully selected citrus fruits? It is then relevant to direct you to a high-end reference. In this category, it is the Breville the Citrus Press which seems to us to be the most convincing model.

The strength of Breville the Citrus Press is its design that is all about extraction efficiency, without the frills. You can use it to squeeze limes, lemons, grapefruits and oranges: whatever citrus you choose, it is extremely effective. It is possible to extract the juice of three oranges in just under two minutes, which makes it a monster of efficiency against the competition.

The use is very simple: you have a handle, equipped with an insert for fruit. You squeeze the handle, and the job is done. Even if you lack strength or get tired quickly, you can enjoy a healthy and fresh juice every morning without having to put in the effort. The Breville the Citrus Press benefits from a drip-free design that preserves your countertop. You just have to place the container of your choice under the spout.

We really like the magnetic dome, which is very easy to remove and replace on the device. It is dishwasher safe, just like the cone, filter and juice collector. They are also easily washable in a sink, maintenance is very low-maintenance and never becomes a constraint.

We did not dwell on the build quality, but it is obviously flawless, the opposite would not have been acceptable in this price range. Among other things, you benefit from a stainless steel filter basket and a Tritan cone, a material without bisphenol A and particularly resistant to pressure.

The Breville the Citrus Press is the electric citrus press that we recommend to families or true aficionados of orange and grapefruit juice: it is a beautiful and solid product, which requires hardly any effort and which allows obtaining very quickly a large amount of juice.

3. Proctor Silex Alex’s Citrus Juicer Machine & Squeezer

No. 3
3. Proctor Silex Alex's Citrus Juicer Machine & Squeezer
9.4/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Equipped with a removable pitcher with lid for refrigeration. 
  • 2 cones: one for lemons and limes, one for oranges and grapefruits.
  • Pulp adjustment via a dial. 
  • Automatic inversion for more efficient extraction. 
  • Dishwasher-safe container, lid, cone and filter.
  • Type : Reservoir, Capacity : 1 L / 34 fl oz.

Rather than getting into baking, what interests you is to drink the juice, and encourage your children to do the same to enrich their diet with vitamins? The most effective way to do this is to get an affordable, electric tank-type juicer, like the Proctor-Silex 66332RY.

The advantage of tank models is that they allow you to prepare juice in advance to accompany morning waffles or pancakes. For this, the Proctor-Silex 6632RY is really practical. Indeed, you have a pitcher with a comfortable capacity of 1 l / 34 oz, and also a lid. This is so that you can place your juice in the refrigerator without any problem. 

You are here faced with a relatively simple device, but which is effective. You should of course not expect a speed as marked as on the high-end references, however, you can still extract a good amount of juice from all the citrus fruits you want.

The manufacturer had the good idea to offer two cones: one is dedicated to easy peelers, the other to larger fruits. We are rather impressed with the richness of features of this electric juicer, especially since you have the option to adjust the pulp level, which is convenient to suit the taste of family members.

In addition, it has an automatic reversal system of the direction of rotation, which is very useful since it allows more juice to be collected. You make the most of the potential of your fruit, which is more ecological… and more economical. 

The build quality seems reasonable to us given the price range. The device is entirely made of plastic, but rest assured: no bisphenol A is present. It should be avoided to use it very brutally, but it is rather durable. 

A few buyers find the unit noisy: if you have particularly sensitive ears, this might not be the best choice. As for maintenance, nothing to report, it is as simple as it is quick since the container, the cover, the cone and the filter are dishwasher safe.

If you just want to let the whole family enjoy a fresh orange juice in the morning without the hassle, the Proctor-Silex 66332RY is more than enough and even has a few cool features, like pulp adjustment. This is a simple electric juicer at a fair price.

4. Aicok Electric Citrus Stainless Steel Juicer

No. 4
4. Aicok Electric Citrus Stainless Steel Juicer
9.4/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Efficient filtration, automatic inversion system, anti-drip spout. 
  • Removable parts cleaned quickly, in the sink or in the dishwasher. 
  • 2 cones to handle lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. 
  • Stainless steel and plastic finish without BPA, to preserve your health. 
  • Suction cup feet for more stability, the cord can be rolled up under the unit. 
  • 100 watts. 
  • Type: service by the glass.

One of your great daily pleasures is to drink a good glass of orange juice, but you have an enemy you are trying to get rid of for good: the pulp? Good news – There are accessible electric citrus presses with an ultra-efficient filtration system, like the Aicok GS-401.

The Aicok GS-401 is an electric citrus juicer with glass service, which is ideal for a single person or a couple. We don’t recommend it for families because it’s a bit slower than other devices and you don’t have the option to adjust the pulp level.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend it if you hate the latter, because it generally manages to offer a particularly tasty juice and free of impurities.

Since it comes with two cones, you can squeeze the vast majority of citrus fruits, including the four most popular: lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges. All you have to do is press them against the appropriate cone, and collect the juice by placing a container of your choice under the anti-drip spout.

Once the job is done, cleaning takes very little time, you can rinse the removable parts in your sink or put them in the dishwasher. The Aicok GS-401 is a mid-range product, but the manufacturer has put serious effort into build quality, which we applaud. The parts in contact with food are all bisphenol A free, and you enjoy a modern and understated stainless steel finish that suits any kitchen. 

The machine is also easier to place wherever you want, thanks to clever little details. For example, it is equipped with suction feet which provide added stability on the counter, and also come in handy to prevent the unit from moving when you squeeze a citrus fruit. To save space on the worktop or store the appliance more easily, the cord can be rolled up under the unit.

The Aicok GS-401 is the model we recommend for a single person or a couple who just want to be able to help themselves to a glass of fresh orange juice every now and then. Its attractive price, its simple operation and its ability to blend completely into your kitchen make it a recommendable product.

5. Juiceman JCJ450 Citrus Juicer

No. 5
5. Juiceman JCJ450 Citrus Juicer
9.2/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Particularly effective for lemons and limes, automatic reversal. 
  • Lift-up spout to avoid pouring juice on your counter. 
  • Protective cover for storage, the cord can be rolled up under the unit.
  • Comes with 2 cones to process various types of citrus. 
  • Removable parts are resistant to the dishwasher. 
  • 40 watts / 120 V. 
  • Type: Service by the glass.

Are you looking for an intuitive and space-saving device, because you mainly plan to use citrus juice in some of your recipes? In that case, we can recommend the Juiceman JCJ450, an electric juicer that is easy to operate and store.

Before going any further, let’s talk about the two small disadvantages of this product.

First, it has a power of 40 watts: that’s okay for an electric juicer, but you will notice a difference in speed depending on the citrus fruit pressed, it is faster with lemons and limes. Then, the spout is considered a little fragile by some users.

We put this last point into perspective: in fact, the spout can also be lifted, which means that no drops can be put on the worktop. However, some people tend to pick it up a bit sharply. If you are careful, you shouldn’t notice a problem.

The Juiceman JCJ450 comes with two cones, so you’ll be completely free to grab the grapefruit or orange juice if you feel like it.

With lemons and limes, the automatic reversing system works wonders, and you get pretty much all the juice in the fruit. That’s why we consider this electric juicer to be ideal for those who want to make lemonades, or incorporate lemon into their sauces, smoothies or cakes.

We also find that great care has been taken in its appearance: compared to some competitors, it is really beautiful and pleasant to place in your kitchen. Plus, it never gets boring or overwhelming on the worktop, as the power cord can be rolled up underneath.

Finally, the removable parts are all dishwasher safe, or washable in a few moments in a sink. Note also that among them we particularly appreciate the protective cover, which prevents the cone or the filter from collecting dust.

If you envision your electric juicer primarily as a kitchen and baking assistant, the Juiceman JCJ450 is perfect, it is particularly effective at extracting all the juice from lemons and limes. We also like its delicate aesthetic and protective cover.

6. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar, Electric Citrus Juicer

No. 6
6. Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar, Electric Citrus Juicer with Stainless Steel Spout and Strainer
8.9/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Stainless steel lifting spout, practical and solid. 
  • Extracts juice from all citrus fruits with the large fruit adapter. 
  • Stainless steel filter to limit the pulp content of your juice. 
  • Withstands high pressure, automatic on / off. 
  • Sober and elegant style. 
  • 50 watts. 
  • Type: service by the glass. 
  • Dimensions : 20.3 * 20.3 * 24.1cm / 8 * 8 * 9.5in.

You have a modest consumption of citrus fruits, but you nevertheless want to have an electric juicer of excellent quality, adapted to your lifestyle and your space? The Tribest CitriStar, a beautiful and powerful appliance, ideal for households of one to two people, might just please you.

Don’t make the suspense last: What we love about this product is the care that has been taken in the design of the spout. On most devices it is plastic. Here it’s stainless steel, which is a real game changer. The juice flows smoothly and the durability is improved.

In addition, you have the option of raising it to prevent leaks.

Keep in mind, however, that this product is designed to serve you from time to time a glass, or to squeeze a lemon for a recipe when you need it. If you want to squeeze large amounts of fruit all at once, it is better to go for the very high end where you will avoid any jam.

If this sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, we see very little reason to hesitate. You have the possibility to squeeze all the fruits that make you happy by using the cone. If necessary, this can be topped with the adapter for oranges and grapefruit.

You also benefit from a stainless steel filter which helps to limit the amount of pulp in the juice. Thus, you obtain a drink that is both nutritious and tasty, very rich in vitamin C. In this model, it is not advisable to run the removable parts in the dishwasher (although some buyers say they have done so without a problem), but washing them in water does not take long.

As for manoeuvrability, the machine is so intuitive that you will know how to use it even before having consulted the instructions: just place your citrus fruit on the cone, and squeeze. It turns on and stops on its own depending on the pressure exerted. You can go at it hard enough without it stopping.

The Tribest CitriStar is one of the best models of the electric juicer with glass service that we know. If you have had bad experiences with plastic spouts before, you should adopt it very quickly, especially since it is both powerful and stylish.

7. BLACK+DECKER CJ650W Small Citrus Juicer

No. 7
7. BLACK+DECKER CJ650W Small Citrus Juicer
8.7/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Designed in durable plastic, simple and easy to place in any kitchen. 
  • Starts automatically thanks to the pressure exerted on the fruit.
  • Transparent graduated pitcher ideal for kitchen use. 
  • 1 cone with cover, removable parts suitable for the dishwasher.
  • 30 watts. 
  • Type : Reservoir, Capacity : 1 L / 32 fl oz. 
  • Dimensions (D * H): 19.55 * 23.6cm / 7.7 * 9.3 in.
  • Warranty: Limited, 2 years.

Can’t invest a large sum, but need an electric juicer to simplify your daily life or relieve your sore hands? The Black + Decker CJ650 is one of the cheapest models we know, which still knows how to remain useful.

Let’s immediately talk about the concessions to be accepted on this particularly accessible product: the speed and power are less marked than on other models, and you only have one large cone, which can be used for squeezing lemons but better suited to oranges and with grapefruits.

It seems acceptable to us.

Especially since the device is rather well designed. First of all, we like its design. It is made of plastic, but many buyers consider it robust, and above all, it is really sober and chic, there is no “low-end†effect, it blends in perfectly with the decoration of a fitted kitchen.

You can get it even if you run out of space because it doesn’t take up too much space.

This is an electric tank juicer. You benefit from a pitcher with a capacity of 1l, which corresponds to 32 oz, equipped with a handle for easy serving. It’s graduated, which is especially useful when you’re following a recipe, to squeeze just the right amount and waste less.

You also benefit from a very useful function: the filter allows you to adjust the level of pulp. This is an option that may seem simple, but which is nonetheless absent on some competitors sold much more expensive.

The device can be used without worry by most users, since to operate it it is sufficient to place the citrus fruit to be squeezed on the cone and to press. The automatic inversion allows to extract a maximum of juice.

Finally, note that cleaning is very quick: not only are there not too many removable parts, but they are all dishwasher safe.

For us, as for many buyers, the Black + Decker CJ650W is a pleasant surprise: at this price point, the solidity of the product and the performance offered are quite respectable. It’s arguably not the best device out there, but if you’re on a tight budget, it can do the trick.

Best Electric Citrus Juicers – Buying Guide

Are you not sure what the utility of an electric juicer is, and would like to know more about these devices before you decide? Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

u003cstrongu003eWhy move towards an electric model?u003c/strongu003e

Some people wonder what are the advantages of the electric juicer over regular models. u003cbru003eHere are the main ones:u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eYou go faster u003c/strongu003e. u003cbru003eThe motor of electrical appliances allows them to extract juice much faster than you can with a 100% manual utensil.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eYou waste less u003c/strongu003e. u003cbru003eThe machines are designed to extract a maximum of juice, and, as they do not tire, they go to the end of the fruit.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eYou exert less effort u003c/strongu003e, which can be very useful if you have joint pain, or for some elderly people

u003cstrongu003eWhy extract the juice from citrus fruits?u003c/strongu003e

There is a practical reason and a health reason.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBy extracting the juice yourself from lemons, oranges or grapefruits, you can use it whenever you want and have the possibility of easily diversifying the use. u003cbru003eWhether you want to enjoy a cold drink, whip up a milkshake, bake a cake or come up with a new recipe, you are completely free.u003cbru003eWhen it comes to health, having to choose the fruits yourself makes you pay more attention to where they come from and their quality, and when you squeeze them you get a less sweet juice, and much richer in enzymes and vitamins, perfect for feeling fit.

Selection criteria for buying an electric citrus juicer

best electric citrus juicer

You hesitate between two models, and do not know how to decide between them? Here are the key criteria for choosing an electric juicer that meets your budget and meets your requirements.


Electric citrus juicers are relatively affordable devices, generally priced between $20 (entry-level models with limited power) and $130 (super-fast professional-grade devices).

In our opinion, the best value for money is around $45 to $60.


There are three main types of juicer.

The first two work by pressure detection (you press the fruit on the cone, and the device starts to squeeze):

  • Citrus presses with service by the glass : very popular, they allow you to collect the juice in a container of your choice. They are easy to use and maintain, and offer good performance.
  • Citrus juicers with a reservoir : the juicer surmounts a pitcher, the capacity of which is most often 1 l or 32-34 fl oz. Usually, they’re plastic and a bit slower, but are perfect for a family or for small kitchen tasks.

The third category is that of citrus juicers with a handle, in which the fruit is pressed against the press thanks to an insert in the form of a dome. They are the most efficient, they extract a maximum of juice very quickly, which also explains why they are more expensive. 

Removable elements

Among the removable elements, there are generally:

  • The cone. Most models come with two cones, one for lemons and limes, the other for oranges and grapefruits.
  • The spout. It can be plastic, but it is better if it is stainless steel. It is often liftable: so when you have finished extracting, no drop ends up on your countertop.
  • The filter. The purpose of the filter is to retain the pulp. It’s often plastic on entry-level models but again go for stainless steel if your budget allows. 

If you’re like us, and love pulp, you should know that there are dial filters or electric lever-operated juicers that allow you to choose the desired level of pulp. 

Ease of maintenance

Usually, removable parts are dishwasher safe. When they’re not, they quickly rinse off in a sink.

Dimensions and ease of storage

Let’s be clear: a good electric juicer is compact. These devices are specialized, so they shouldn’t take up too much space in your kitchen. We encourage you to choose a model with controlled dimensions. 

If you’re not going to use it every day, also make sure it’s easy to put away. It can for example be equipped with a winding or retractable cord.

The power

Some of them put a lot of emphasis on power. 

Without saying that it doesn’t matter, you have to put it in perspective: the majority of electric juicers, once you buy them from a trusted source, are capable of accomplishing their mission, and design also matters a lot.

If you really value exceptional speed, go for a top-of-the-line model with a power of 100 watts or more. 

The style

Choose an appliance that looks good on you, and that blends in well with your kitchen. There are very pretty models in brushed stainless steel perfect to complete a chic and modern decoration. 

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