Best home theatre popcorn machines in 2020

Do you want to have more moments of conviviality with your family, but you do not know how to proceed? Why not organize small cinema-series sessions, accompanied by a good bowl of popcorn? It’s very easy to do as long as you have the right tool: a home theatre popcorn machine.

However, choosing the right model for your home is not easy. Some home theatre popcorn makers are designed for families of two or three. Others, to organize parties.

1. Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic-Style Home Popcorn Maker

No. 1
1. Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic-Style Popcorn Maker
9.8/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • The decorative option for cinema aficionados.
  • A successful “cinema machine†appearance, a device that remains compact.
  • Hinged door for inserting kernels or easily serving popcorn.
  • Easy to clean: removable doors, non-stick cooking pot.
  • Automatic agitator to avoid as much as possible the non-bursting of the grains.
  • Supplied with 1 popcorn scoop and grain and oil dispensers.

Do you want to let your children or your guests choose for themselves the dose of popcorn they want? 

The Cuisinart Style Cinéma is a popcorn machine that can be left in a corner of a room, available to gourmets, and which has the advantage of being able to easily integrate into the decor of a movie buff.

The Cuisinart Style Cinema is quite a sleek machine. It has its effect in a room specially equipped to watch a movie. If you are a real movie fan, you can easily integrate it into your interior design. Especially since it is not too bulky.

As a few buyers point out, there are a number of plastic items. This may legitimately displease, but does not affect the appearance of the product too much. Nor on solidity: the device has a good lifespan, and your purchase also includes a limited warranty of three years.

By placing approximately 113 g (i.e. 4 oz) of corn kernels in the Cuisinart Cinema Style pot, you can make up to 2.3 L (10 cups) of popcorn. The machine is equipped with a very practical automatic agitator, which promotes the bursting of almost any grain.

It is very easy to use for children and gourmets. Indeed, all you have to do is open the hinged door and collect some popcorn. The cleaning is done quite quickly, because the surface of the pot is non-stick, so there is not too much residue to remove. In addition, for easier maintenance, you can remove the door completely.

The Cuisinart Cinema Style is a decorative popcorn maker that you can place in your home theatre setting. It is efficient and pretty without being bulky, and there are few unexploded grains. We may regret the abundance of plastic, but this does not compromise the life of the product.

Great Northern Red Matinee Movie Popcorn Machine

No. 2
Great Northern Red Matinee Movie Popcorn Machine
8.3/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • The most durable popcorn machine.
  • Built-in stainless steel and tempered glass, resistant and easy to wash.
  • Recovery drawer for grains that have not burst.
  • The operation which remains simple (everything is done with three buttons).
  • Very successful retro aesthetic.
  • Supplied with 50 bags, 1 popcorn scoop and measuring cups.

Do you want to animate your sports club? Or to raise funds for your children’s school? For this you can use a high-end popcorn maker. In this category, the Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie seems to us to be the most convincing model. The most impressive about this product is its excellent build quality. The walls are tempered glass, and most other parts in contact with the popcorn, stainless steel. You benefit from a 3-year warranty, but the machine has a much longer life.

The production capacity is not left out, since you can get up to almost 11.3 l (i.e. 3 gallons) with each batch. This model is therefore ideal for organizing a party between cinema lovers at home. It can also be used to raise money at charitable events. In addition, there are no particular intricacies of operation.

The role of the three switches is clearly indicated: one to heat the inside of the machine, another to heat the pot which receives the corn kernels, and a last which allows mixing. A drawer is provided for easily recovering unexploded grains. The machine is washed with water. Of course, cleaning takes a little longer than on a 100% family reference, but it is still quite reasonable.

The product comes with useful accessories (popcorn scoop, serving bags, etc.), which allow you to enjoy it directly. The price of the Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie is obviously higher than that of other models. Nevertheless, it offers an excellent lifespan. In addition, if you buy it for an association or a small business, it can pay for itself very quickly.

Finally, note that this is a beautiful object, with a pronounced nostalgic side.

The Great Northern Popcorn Matinee Movie is a real sharing tool. This large capacity, this extra-strong machine is the preferred option for organizing events or parties in your home. It is a bit expensive but is much more robust and efficient than the average popcorn maker.

3. Great Northern Vintage Style Popcorn Machine

No. 3
3. Great Northern Vintage Style Popcorn Machine
9.6/10 Our Score

Specifications Summary:

  • Best for improvised home theatre sessions.
  • The gateway to high-end machines.
  • Glass and stainless steel design (treated), machine solid and cleanable with water.
  • Three switches: Spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater
  • Very successful aesthetic, silver and black, both sober and friendly.
  • Drawer for collecting unexploded grains.

Do you often watch movies with your family on Netflix or Prime Video? Or, do you sometimes have a sudden craving for popcorn before watching a game of your favourite team with friends? The Great Northern is the ideal home theatre popcorn machine in these situations because it is very easy to use.

First of all, note that the pot of the Great Northern popcorn machine can accommodate up to 226 g, or 8 oz of grains. This is much better than the average observed on popcorners at a similar price.

The build quality is really good. Great Northern’s goal was simple: to eliminate as much plastic as possible. Thus, the walls are made of glass, and the majority of the components are made of stainless steel. The latter has received treatment to enhance its durability. The goal is reached.

Of course, this means that you are dealing with a very robust product, which can be kept longer than a plastic device. You have access to three switches. One is for turning on the internal bulb, which is used to heat the popcorn, thenext is for stirrer and the last one controls the pot, and is therefore used to pop your corn kernels. 

Finally, this popcorn machine comes with free 3 plastic serving cups, 25 popcorn serving bags, measuring cups and a popcorn scoop!

What to know before buying a popcorn maker

winter popcorn maker min

Are you not 100% sure you want to get a popcorn maker and would like to know more about the usefulness of this type of product? Let’s find out together the different ways you can use it, and the questions you might ask yourself.

Why popcorn maker?

There are two reasons.

For individuals : it is a user-friendly tool. You can use it to prepare original snacks, to please children, or to share a romantic movie, like at the cinema.

For small businesses: getting a popcorn maker can be a great idea to earn some money. These devices appeal to many people, their price remains relatively affordable, and they require little maintenance.

Should I choose an oil-free popcorn maker?

It is above all a matter of taste.

It is true that consuming too much oil can have harmful consequences on health.

But, if you’re reasonable the rest of the time, and popcorn is your transgressive treat, oil models can make it more greedy.

Should you use specific corn kernels?

The advantage of having a dedicated machine is that you choose the beans you want. You are therefore in control of their quality. Here you are completely free: it’s up to you to decide what you want!

Is it really different from microwave popcorn?

Many people find popcorn made with a popper tastier. In addition, it gives you the possibility to follow original recipes.

For real gourmet moments, you can add butter to the popcorns. Or homemade caramel / peanut butter.

Selection criteria for buying a popcorn machine

Have you decided to take the plunge, but would like to avoid unpleasant surprises? No problem. We explain to you what criteria to take into account, and how to disentangle the ambiguities of the technical sheets.

The price

From $ 40-45 , you can find functional popcorn poppers, which are suitable for a one-time home theater session.

To get more value for your money, be prepared to spend around $ 50- $ 60 .

Finally, for large capacity models intended for associations and small businesses, the price can go up to approximately $ 200-250 .

The type of machine

There are three main types of popcorn machines:

  • Ready-to-eat : usually oil is needed. On these devices, the lid is reversible, it turns into a bowl when turned over. They are easy to learn, affordable and provide immediate enjoyment, but can be harder to clean properly.
  • With burst chute : they work with hot air (therefore without oil). They are efficient and quick to maintain. On the other hand, there are often a few unpopped kernels, and the popcorn being directly expelled through the chute, a bowl must be provided.
  • Cinema style : these are machines with walls (plastic or tempered glass), inside which is a pot that accommodates the beans, and a heating bulb for the popcorn already ready. They are more efficient, but also more expensive.

The capacity

First of all, you have to differentiate two things. On the one hand, there is the grain capacity (most often expressed in milliliters, grams, fluid ounces or ounces) and the production capacity (indicated in cups, liters or quarts).

Capacity is no guarantee of quality.

A machine that produces small quantities may well prove to be stronger and more efficient. It is therefore necessary, above all, to take into account your needs.

No need to buy a model intended for associations for a family of three.

Bursting of grains

Some machines (ready-to-eat and cinema styles) are equipped with a bi-directional motorized agitator which promotes good bursting of all your beans.


Most popcorners are easy to use.

As a rule, there is only one switch, which initiates the bursting process. On cinema-style devices, there may be two or three, to separately control the pot and the heating lamp in particular.

Manufacturing quality

You should expect to see plastic on the popcorners, this is the norm. However, there are metal references, but the price difference is not always worth it. Be aware that, even in plastic, the majority of products are solid.

If you are buying for an association or a business, it becomes relevant to invest a little more. 

We recommend that you should choose a cinema-style machine in stainless steel (it’s healthier) and with tempered glass walls (which cannot be broken too easily by a clumsy).

Dimensions, weight and transportability

Some machines fit easily in a kitchen cupboard, while others are clearly designed to become part of your decor.

If you want to be able to store your popcorn maker, the ready-to-eat or pop-up chute models are the most suitable. Some have an anti-heating base or handles to be moved more easily.

Cinema-style models are, of course, bulkier and heavier. So, before buying, think about taking action.

The style

Popcorn machines can be very simple or, on the contrary, particularly sparkling. There are many options online, so feel free to look for a colour and look that works for you.

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