Vietnamese Cookbook

About the Book

Over the last decade or so, Vietnam has quickly become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Renown for its culture, rich historical background, and incredibly resilient people, this place is full of wonderful surprises and experiences. Especially when it comes to its cuisine. Using a combination of simple fresh ingredients, locally grown spices, and basic cooking techniques, Vietnamese cuisine offers flavors that really cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world – well, until now of course This book provides teaches you how to seamlessly begin cooking healthy Vietnamese meals from the comfort of your own kitchen. Using great ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, these meals are perfect for those who want to try new meals in a manner that is easy and straightforward. In this book, you will learn how to cook: French inspired Vietnamese breakfasts Robust Vietnamese appetizers Healthy and tasty Vietnamese dinners Delicious Vietnamese desserts Vietnam has been put on the map because of its rich historical background and amazing food experiences – so take the first step and dive right in

Genre: Cooking
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 84
ASIN: 1729059155
ISBN: 9781729059159
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